Flora Is A Genuine Working Witch

White Witch and Clairvoyant

About Flora The Witch

Hello! welcome to my website, thank you for dropping by. I am a hereditary witch and a natural clairvoyant, I work and live in the Uk country side, where I have lived for most of my life. My childhood was spent in the garden of England and in later years I lived abroad for a while before settling in the South of England.

I am in my early 50's and have  a lot of experience of life and love and of the spiritual arts. This is a way of life for me, and something that I live and breathe. Not a hobby or a job, but my life in many ways!

I am also an experienced Tarot Reader, Reiki master,  and the main focus of my work is around the area of relationships, although not exclusively. I offer support and ongoing help to my clients and this can ease the way for them when things are difficult or tense.

I have a wealth of  experience of helping people from all walks of life to achieve their hopes, dreams and wishes as well as seeing the way forward a little more clearly.I work especially closely in the areas of Relationships, and this is my  Specialist field, this is using clairvoyance for my guidance, readings and insight as well as my spell castings.I don't work as a white witch, I AM a white witch!!!

As I have said before this work is my life and its who I am, not what I work at! I am especially keen to help others find their path, with spiritual pursuits, Reiki/healing or a Wiccan or traditional witchcraft path. I have worked independently for the last 12 years, and for some other psychic sites before that, but now my main work is from my 3 websites. And at all times from the privacy of my own home.

Home to me is a small village within the countryside in the south of England, along with my husband and grown up children and our ever growing collection of animals. Some which are considered ours, and some as you can see that pop in to visit!

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