Flora Is A Genuine Working Witch

White Witch and Clairvoyant


I thought it might be helpful, to answer the questions most people seem to send through to me on this page! if you have any others please do not hesitate to ask me, please use the contact form.

Why do you charge for Psychic Readings and Alternative Healing when you should do it for free?

In times gone by the healers of the community had no need to charge. When people visited a wise woman/man or healer, they brought gifts, food and other needed items. The healer wanted for nothing because everything was provided to them. Everything has changed and the world no longer operates like this anymore, sadly the "exchange" theory is no longer relevant and no one brings these things when they visit a spell weaver, psychic or healer.

Just as everyone else, I have bills and a family to feed. I charge my clients for the time that I spend with them along with the materials and other associated costs which running a website brings, just as every one else is paid by their employer for their time. There must be some type of energy exchange, and money is a form of energy. That said I will never turn someone away for not being able to afford to pay for help needed, I will see what can be done to help and this may mean I advise on something you can cast at home if looking for a spell, or find some alternative way forward for you.  On many occasions I have found that people do not value what is given to them freely. They only value what they pay for. In reality there are no free lunches. Healing is also always free of charge. I don't even request donations for this.

How soon will I get my psychic reading if I order with you?

My Psychic Readings are available 7 days a week and generally have a 24-48 hour turnaround, the mini reading is the quickest if you are in a real hurry! I hope to introduce a same day urgent reading service in October 2014, as some people and their questions really cannot wait due to the time sensitive nature of the question or the way it is making the person feel. So if this is something that interests you please do look back in October.

Do you use a secure payment system for online transactions?

Yes all the order pages that request your address and credit/debit card details are secure. Your credit card information and personal information is encrypted for security and it is never shared with any third parties. I do not use PayPal but instead work with proper credit and debit card facilities that are verified.

Will the psychic reading give me the truth ?

I am always above all, honest in my readings. I always try to look for the positives to come from your situation, but I do not lie or mis-inform you to tell you what you want to hear.

How can you do a reading without the person present?

Clairvoyance is not bound by space or time, as long as I have your correct details and full name I can link in with you, wherever you are, just as if you are sitting in front of me! my testimonials page shows the feedback from my clients. some of whom have been having email readings with me for over 10 years now. As long as I have your name, your voice, your choice of words in a letter or e-mail to focus on, I can see you. You are then as close as if you were in the same room.

If you're psychic, why do I have to ask you any questions at all?

The best readings are the ones where my client participates too, and by outlining your questions to me it enables me to focus on the areas that really are important to you. You need to remember that with the majority of my readings being by email these days the more aware the client is of the issues and questions that they have, the more effective the reading. Your focus helps guide my inner vision (clairvoyance)  to pinpoint the information you need right now. Without a focus for your  reading, I will still receive the most important information, but it is not always in the specific area you hoped for. Remember, you will get more out of your reading if you actively participate.

Do you use Tarot Cards?

Yes if you would prefer me to, there is an option on the order form for pure clairvoyance or clairvoyant tarot reading.


Are you a real person? And is that your real name?

Yes!! I'm very real, and this website is my own independent website along with www.florathewitch.co.uk and www.flora-the-witch.co.uk I have 4 websites in all, and one of them is under construction and will be listed here when it is completed .Yes Flora is my real name, but not the one I was christened with, as I have shortened it...And I'm not nurse material either... and I don't have a machine. But I do have a sense of humour.

Do you do consultations at home?

No, I'm afraid not. My work is mainly internet based now. I do not accept phone calls and if phone contact is important to you then I'm not the witch for you. 

SPELLS-No longer available to new clients.

Do spells always work?

No, the truth is that just like visiting a doctor or osteopath a treatment for anything doesn't always work. My success rate is high, and I work with honesty, compassion, dedication and realism to bring you a high chance of getting your desires realised. But as any honest witch or occultist will tell you spells are not an exact science and they cannot be honestly guaranteed by anyone.

How long do spells take to work?

Because everyone is different, and so are their personal situations, it is tricky to give an accurate time scale. Also your spell is likely to be different from your friends or another client of mine either. All work is customised for you personally and I always use the method and spell that I feel will get YOU the quickest result. As a general rule most people agree that spells can take between a few days-week, to around 13 weeks. Generally this ties in with 3 moon phases. However over many years work I have seen both quicker and slower cases manifest and a lot depends on what exactly has to happen to get your result for you. If its been worked on many times before, and how you react too,  to a certain degree.

What types of spells do you work?

I use traditional witchcraft mainly but I am also able to use other traditions if requested or preferred. Voodoo for instance is a safe method when carried out properly. My clients are always included in my protection rituals before each cast as a matter of course.

Can you cast a spell for anything?

I can cast a spell for many things. Love, reconciliation, change of luck, help your study skills, boost your business, gain a new job etc. But I cannot make you into a Mermaid, a Fairy, a Werewolf or a Vampire. I cannot turn you into a clone of a supermodel or Robert Pattinson. Its not possible for me to change your eye colour or height. Or increase your bust, that's a matter for cosmetic surgery... And if you're asking for your **** to touch the floor the only way I can do that is to chop your legs off. So please do not request those things.

Can you help everyone with a spell?

No, but I always try to either help or advise. It really depends on your circumstances and situation. BUT I am not able to reply to people under the age of 18. I am not allowed to.