Flora Is A Genuine Working Witch

White Witch and Clairvoyant

Spells Cast by Flora The Witch, Genuine UK White Witch & Clairvoyant

The spells that I offer are wide ranging, and as everything, yes, everything!! That means every spell that I cast for you,  is totally customised for your personal situation. The list below is just an indication of what I can help you with. Spells cast for you by Flora The Witch, Uk White Witch, I am an honest and caring white witch and clairvoyant, I work on my spells with attention to detail, I always strive to get a quick and positive result for you whichever spell that you choose.

All of the spells that I work for you are set at a simple price structure. I can either cast you a single spell, please se the listings below, or I can work for you on your spell case for 1 week or for more difficult or resistant situations there is the option of choosing 3 weeks spell castings. The costs of the spells are £50 for the single spells, offering a realistic price for quick and effective professional castings, or for more in depth cases, £80 for one weeks castings, that will give you 7 castings of your chosen spell or 3 weeks castings are priced at £180. I also offer support and guidance for you before, during and for some time after your spell is cast. This ensures that we can update things as well as move along and make any changes quickly to take advantage through the custom spells for anything that is happening and changing.

Draw Soul Mate
Luck Spell
Existing clients
Fidelity Spell
Blockage/negative energy Removal
Curse/Hex/Jinx Removal 
Protection spells 
Blessing Spell
Draw New Love into your life
Removal of unwanted/outdated spells
Career advancement 
Justice spells
Calm/move Nuisance Neighbours
Reconciliation of lost lover
Leave me alone spells

To ask me about a spells suitability or how I can help you please use the spell contact form please click here
Flora The Witch, spells, spells cast for you. For spell series of 1, 2 or 3 weeks click here

Spells cast for you by Flora The Witch, Genuine Uk White Witch.

1 single spell casting. (unsuitable for returning a lover) £50

1 week of Spells cast by Flora The Witch. Or 7 day Rituals.  Your Full details will be requested for your spell on order form. 

2 weeks of Spells cast by Flora The Witch. Or 14 day Rituals. Your Full details will be requested for your spell on order form.

3 weeks of Spells cast by Flora The Witch. Or 21 day Rituals. Your Full details will be requested for your spell on order form. 

Drawing a brand new love
A named lover, who you may know but not have dated
Friendship into relationship
magnetism and attraction spells
Draw Soul Mate

Repairing and renewing a broken relationship
Rebuilding and securing a failing relationship
Finding a lost lover you have lost touch with

Third party coming into your relationship
Lost a lover to a third party- left you for someone else.
someone at work, internet, neighbour friends partner etc coming too friendly/close for comfort
Third party interference in your relationship

Help to heal a broken heart
Helping you to stick to your decision when you have broken off a failing relationship
Help to make a break from a partner.

Boost to career or Job
Find a new job
Applying for new job or Promotion within your current career

Bring about a change of luck
Extra boost of luck for games of chance
Boost of luck for special occasion, text or meeting etc

Removal of spells, evil, curses, or hexes cast against you.
Removal of psychic attack directed at you
Removal of  evil eye or ill wishing

Removal of negative energy surrounding you.
Removal of blockages that have built up
Removal of negative thoughts and feelings

Protection from curses/psychic attack etc
Protection from negative people and situations
Protection from danger

Fidelity Spell
Blessing Spell
Career advancement spells
New Job spells
Empowerment spells
Calming/removing Nuisance Neighbours spells
Removal of unwanted/outdated spells
justice spells
leave me alone spells
Other Custom Working