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When you are having spell castings

These are just guidelines for when you are having a spell cast. Mostly they apply to love spells, but this does seem to be the area that most people have problems with, knowing how to react or what to do whilst your spell is being cast.

If communication is still possible between you, and you’re having a love spell, it is a good idea to try to keep these channels open. That will then ensure that your spell has one less thing to do and the energy and concentration can go on the repair work. However it is also wise to make sure that you do not overdo the communication side of things, by sending endless messages, or making lots of phone calls that are unwanted as this will just confirm to your desired one that you do not listen to their requests, and you are a nuisance.

If there has been an injunction put on/between you and your loved one forbidding communication, then please abide by this and let the spell do its work. These things are not taken lightly and it will be one more block on your path if you don’t take heed of the injunction and proceed to make contact.

Be honest with your witch or spell caster. Most reputable which is all spell casters will work using the information that you have given them to create a custom casting for you. If you have based this on a tissue of lies then your spell will also be framed in that way. Again if you are paying money for a spell then this is a really silly thing to do. No one is going to judge you for what you have or haven’t done, but honesty is the best policy when approaching someone to cast for you.

Don’t start telling friends/family/anyone that will listen that you don’t want your partner back or that you’re glad the relationship has finished etc. As tempting as it can be if you have been hurt, firstly it sends out the wrong vibration, and secondly it makes it more difficult to explain to your friends/family/anyone that will listen when you do get back together and they start to say why would you want/do that?

Don’t try to pry to gain information on your loved ones/partner by asking friends to question or pass on information. This only leads to bad feeling with friends and ultimately your partner.

Take heed of what your partner or loved one tells you, if they need space allow it. It’s painful and it’s difficult, and no one is going to say any different, but if you ignore there request and plough on regardless, questioning and texting/emailing all the time, you will not only annoy them but you will also reinforce the fact that they have made a correct decision to be separated from you.

Have patience. Results don’t always appear right away, and especially love spells can take time to work.

Don’t get carried away and think that as you are having a spell done you can say and do as you like. It’s absolutely essential that you work with your spell and not against it. After all if you have invested money in a spell along with your time, emotions and thoughts then you owe it to yourself to give it the best chance to work.

It’s a good idea to be realistic about what a spell can achieve. These are not miracles, and they have to be treated with respect. It is an aid to getting what you want not the overall thing that’s going to change the world for you. Work with it for the best possible outcome.

If you don’t understand something ask. It’s better to ask a question and understand the answer them be wondering and fearful about how something works. Most witches/spell casters are only too happy to explain and put your mind at rest.

Don’t get drawn into arguments. If you feel that your partner/desired one is in a bad mood or looking for a row then don’t rise to this. Things can be said that cannot be retracted, giving your spell much more work to do when it was not necessary.

And lastly be careful what you wish for. As the saying says you may just get it! Make sure that what you are asking for is your true desire. Do not ask for your relationship to be back how it was if you were always fighting and arguing and there was never a day’s peace. It is better to ask for a renewed, prepared and better relationship than just say back how it was if that was less than suitable/acceptable.